Classical Academy of Arms

A Society for Classical Fencing Trainer Education, Development, Credentialing, and Support


The Academy publishes teaching guides and other materials of interest to classical fencers.  These are perfect bound paperback volumes designed to support instruction in the classical weapons according to the techniques taught by Fencing Masters in the classical period.

Teaching Notes for the Classical Fencing Instructor by Walter Green.  This volume includes a detailed rulebook for classical fencing based on rule sets of the period and teaching guides for H. A. Colmore Dunn on Foil 1889, Leonardo Terrone on Right and Left Handed Foil ca. 1920, Felix Grave on Epee 1934, and Leon Bertrand on Sabre ca. 1927. 

Teaching Classical Fencing: A Master Text by Walter Green.  This volume provides detailed coverage of the knowlege needed to teach classical fencing and serves as the text for the Academy's training and credentialing programs.      


Academy Monographs are a series of papers based on original academic research that address specific areas of the history and technique of classical fencing

Monograph 1 Some Biographical Notes about Adelardo Sanz from Spanish Newspapers by Dr. Leonardo Bacarreza, 2016.  A summary of newspaper coverage of Maestro Adelardo Sanz, the founder of the Modern Spanish School of Fencing.

Provost Research Papers and Master Theses

Research papers and theses presented by candidates for certification are archived on this site and on and are available to classical fencers to increase the available knowledge base about classical fencing.

Classical Fencing Master Trainer Paper - The Classical Foil Fencing Lesson by Walter G. Green III, 2016.

Classical Fencing Master Thesis - Distinguishing Characteristics of Classical Fencing when Compared to Modern Fencing by Walter G. Green III, 2006 (updated at request of the Academy 2016)

Classical Fencing Provost Research Paper - Where Is the Next Generation of Classical Fencing Masters Coming From? by Walter G. Green III, 2005.