Classical Academy of Arms

A Society for Classical Fencing Trainer Education, Development, Credentialing, and Support


Our second Classical Fencing Conference will be held on Zoom on Sunday, April 2nd at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.  

The purpose of the conference is to initiate an exchange of information on the tactics, techniques, and context of classical fencing, on sports science applicable to classical fencing, and on coach development for classical fencing trainers. In addition, we will speak about the current state of the academy and the plans for the future.

The conference presentations will include the following topics:

  • I Plead the Fifth; a study of the elusive fifth parry by Maestro Paul Geraci
  • Mangiorotti and the Classical roots of modern epee by Moniteur Kathy Vail
  • The Italian Foil by Classical Fencing Coach Christian Olbrich
  • An examination of a newly translated French Manual from 1908 by Bruce Vail

Each presentation will last approximately 10-20 minutes.

Professional continuing education hours will be awarded for participation.  If you would like to be considered to be a presenter, please contact

Finally,  please register for the conference at the right.  Links will be sent out before so you will be able to log in and participate.

Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you all!

Paul Geraci



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Conference Payment

The conference is free for members of the Classical Academy of Arms.