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The Classical Fencing Podcast

The goal of our podcast series is to increase understanding of the evolution of fencing, to discuss the techniques and tactics and their application, and to encourage interest in classical fencing as a valid partner to a modern fencing program in clubs.  Episodes are announced on the Classical Academy of Arms Facebook and Twitter feeds, in our newsletter Pointe – Contre-Pointe, and on our website on this page.


Episode 5 - Classifying Fencing Actions

This episode discusses the classification of fencing actions taught by classical fencing Schools.  Classification groups like actions together, identifies similarities and differences, helps establish your curriculum for your students, and provides a window into the doctrine and practice of a School. 

Episode 4 - Orthopaedic Grips

It is an article of faith among classical fencers that classical fencing can only be done with French or Italian grips.  In reality during the classical period (1880-1939) there was widespread experimentation among fencing masters and prominent fencers with various orthopaedic designs to improve control and accuracy in weapon use.  This episode also provides suggestion as to how you can incorporate orthopaedic grips in your classical fencing

Episode 3 - The Size of the Strip

Today we tend to think that the fencing strip is the fencing strip and has always been the fencing strip.  However, in the classical period there were considerable differences between a planche and a piste on the terrain and differences in length and width that had a significant impact on how the bout was fenced.  This episode discusses those differences.

Episode 2 - What Is a School?

A School is a collective body of fencers and Fencing Masters who approach the problem of combat with the sword in a similar manner based on a common doctrine.  This episode describes the characteristics of Schools of fencing in the classical period (1880-1939).

Episode 1 - The Classical Period of Fencing 

There is little agreement of the time period that can be used to identify classical fencing.  In order to develop a credible basis for the training of classical fencing fencers and trainers, the Classical Academy of Arms has examined the factors which define the classical period as an evolutionary prelude to modern Fencing.  This episode presents the evidence-based basis for our credentialing program.