Classical Academy of Arms

A Society for Classical Fencing Trainer Education, Development, Credentialing, and Support


The academy finances its operations through the collection of credentialing fees for each rank.  All fees go to meeting the costs of our operations, including making materials available online through our website and the credentialing process itself.  Fees include instructional materials for the rank and the course itself, processing and verification of applications and portfolios, and written examinations. Current fees are:

NOTE: The pre-professional rank of Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor is an entry level rank for individuals interested in exploring serving as a trainer.  Individuals already committed to seeking professional credentials should start at the rank of Classical Fencing Demonstrator. The professional ranks of Classical Fencing Demonstrator through Classical Fencing Master are taken in sequential order. Individuals holding credentials from the Academie d'Armes Internationale, the International Fencing Coaches Association, the United States Fencing Coaches Association, British Academy of Fencing, or other National Academies of Arms may apply for reciprocity for their current rank.

  • Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor - $60
  • Classical Fencing Demonstrator - $150  ($112.50 for USFCA members)
  • Classical Fencing Instructor - $200
  • Classical Fencing Provost - $300
  • Classical Fencing Master - $400

Practical examination and reciprocity fees for all ranks are $50. 

Note that all courses require the purchase of Teaching Classical Fencing: A Master Text.

So, why do we charge a separate examination fee?  Course fees go to the maintenance of our teaching platform, annual subscription expenses for online services we use, banking fees, and the general cost of running the Academy.  Examinations impose their own category of fees.  We send all certificates by Priority Mail to increase the probability of a speedy delivery.  The cost of the certificate itself, rubber stamps for authentication, folder to protect the documents, patch, cost of our electronic badges, and long term electronic storage of all submitted examinations, evaluations, and portfolios also come out of the examination fee.  


Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor

Fee for course instruction, credentialing, patch, certificate, and electronic badge.

Classical Fencing Demonstrator

Fee for course instruction, supplemental materials, and written examination.


Current members of the United States Fencing Coaches Association are eligible for a professional discount.

Classical Fencing Instructor

Fee for course instruction, supplemental materials, and written examination.

Classical Fencing Provost

Fee for course instruction, supplemental materials, and written examination.

Classical Fencing Master

Fee for course instruction, supplemental materials, and written examination.


Fee for credentialing documents review and verification, oral and practical examination as applicable, credential certificate, patch, and electronic badge.


We have raised fees effective 1 January 2021.  The level of work involved in delivering our courses and increases in costs for accreditation, marketing, and operations forces the increase.  Individuals previously enrolled may complete their program under the previous fee structure.