Classical Academy of Arms

A Society for Classical Fencing Trainer Education, Development, Credentialing, and Support


Dear Friends of the Classical Academy of Arms
We had a wonderful conference with some excellent presentations.  It was great to see old friends and some new faces.  Everyone who attended received certificates.   I am looking forward to our next one!  If you have an idea, article, or presentation that you would like to do, let us know about it!
Also looking forward to 2024 where we will hold a Classical Fencing tournament in Columbus, Ohio as part of the Ascalon Sword Festival.  Details to come!!!!
Currently we are attempting to finish up curricula for people working towards their diplomas.  We are also looking into creating a coaching certification for historical fencing!  This is becoming a big thing in the world right now and we'd like to see coaches armed with solid certifications leading the way!
Thank you!
Dr. Paul Geraci, Fencing Master
President, Classical Academy of Arms